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Rand Lee’s Channeling Group

What: An opportunity to ask a question of one of Santa Fe’s beloved trance channelers, and to experience interaction with his inner information source, “The Family”.

When: Quarterly (four times a year)

Where: To be announced.

Cost: There is no set fee. Rand does appreciate your donations.

For Further Information About This Event: Call Rand at 505-469-9782; email him at randlee@gmx.com; or go to http://lightvesselsantafe.com/calendar.html.


Ongoing: Private Tutorials with Rand

Rand offers private, practical, one-on-one tutoring sessions in psychic development. Each tutorial is 4 sessioRand B. Leens, $40 each, for a total of $160; full advance payment enjoys a 15% discount for a total of $136 ($24 off!). If you would like to ask a friend to take the tutorial with you, ask Rand if you can split the cost between you. Topics include:

1. Nature Spirit Communication: Elves, fairies, goblins, gnomes, and redcaps represent the consciousnesses of nature anthropomorphized by human minds in order to act better as bridges between human consciousness and the consciousness of the Earth. This tutorial presents an overview of the various concepts of Faerie, and teaches techniques for inviting the Little People into colloquy (so called because “little” explained how hard it was to see them; “little” here does not mean weak or inconsequential or immature). The tutorial also covers identifying your 7 plant spirit guides, and gives guidance for those who wish to enlist the aid of nature spirits in designing a garden.
2. Tarot For Absolute Beginners: This practical, hands-on course will have you reading the cards by the end of the first meeting. Topics covered in this tutorial includes lessons on how to prepare for an accurate Tarot reading; a brief history of Tarot; basic card meanings; and card layouts, simple to advanced.
3. Developing Your Psychic Skills:  Everyone is psychic, but most people in technological cultures buy into the materialist view that the only realities are those that we can weigh, measure, see, smell, hear, and touch. This course teaches the various forms psychic ability can take; helps the student discover his or her specific psychic gift; teaches how to prepare for a psychic reading so as to receive the least biased information; and aids students in discovering the psychic tools (such as Tarot, pendulums, water-gazing, automatic writing or drawing, I Ching) that work best for them.

4. Remembering Other Lives: Not everyone reincarnates, but those who do can choose to re-enter physical reality at any point in space or time past, present, and future. We can also choose to incarnate in a parallel universe where history has flowed differently than in the one we know and share here and now. In this class, students are taught a simple trance-regression technique for achieving contact with other-life memories, and learning which experiences and persons from those other lives affect this reality here and now.

doorway_Rand's tutorialsWHO: Rand Lee is a clairsentient, empath, trance worker, psychic trainer and published author who has served clients in the U.S.A., Canada, Ireland, and England since 1984.  He is an expert on Tarot. He is also a co-developer of the Wheel of Creation model for realistic manifestation.  He can be reached for private sessions at 505-469-9782 or randlee@gmx.com.  He can also do readings via Skype (rand.lee61)




          Rand B. Lee