You Are Safe: A Message from Rand Lee and “The Family”

In 2014 Mister Rand had a vision. In the vision, which was a kind of waking dream, he found himself in a place of utter love, and utter safety, surrounded by, and imbued with, the great calm divine heart of love. A prominent feature of this place was its ordinariness—for Mister Rand, it felt completely familiar, so much so that he could not understand how he had forgotten its existence.

The feeling of safety he experienced there had nothing to do with events in physical reality, the reality he had always assumed was the core of creation. The safety was intrinsic, part of his core as a conscious entity; and he knew at that moment that no matter what happened to his material body, his truest core self would awaken to the ordinary familiarity of the heart of love.

What we say to you is this: The physical body is a noble animal entity with its own hopes and fears. When threatened, it responds in terror or rage or both, because what it cannot control it sees as a threat to its existence. These traits do not make the body less spiritual than the nonphysical aspects of Mister Rand, for physical reality is as indelible a part of God as anything else. And human experience of physical reality can be affected positively by various spiritual practices, such as prayer, shamanism, divination, science, and Twelve Step recovery. But as far as the body is concerned, death is its certain end, and its fear of death is one of its worst terrors.

During the period of sequestering necessitated by the spread of the corona virus, many people, including Mister Rand, have found themselves brought into keen appreciation of death and its inevitability for the body. Mister Rand has found himself reviewing his past actions and inactions; reconnecting with friends he has long been out of touch with; and grieving choices he has made through action or inaction. All this is natural for a physicalized entity. Most animals knowing death is near will crawl away to meet It in solitude, and the enforced solitude of the quarantine has given Mister Rand an opportunity to feel things he ordinarily fears to feel.

Nevertheless, although we recognize, affirm, and honor the importance of death and the preparations that the physicalized entity makes for it, death is not the end of anything core. At his core, Mister Rand is immortal, a child of love and light held safely in the womb of All-That-Is. And so, my dear, are you. •

2 thoughts on “You Are Safe: A Message from Rand Lee and “The Family”

  1. Maryann DeStefano says:

    Hi Rand! I appreciate reading this latest from you/ the family. A super into New Age friend has been suicidal since pandemic created chaos in USA/ Santa Fe. She has been a hands on healer for 30+ years- she adopted Tibetan Buddhism 40 years ago and she has never faced real personal hardship in her 65 years.

    The point you make about love and the heart is the key/ we feel the eternity of life when we fall into our own hearts/ feel love… and it may be cliche and it could still also be true to say fear and love cannot occupy the same heart at the same time.

    We are all being called to participate in a global reflection of what do we really need!? Want!? A dark night of the soul type spring cleaning: how do we wisely use our free will to do our part to create the world we want and leave behind what no longer serves us.

    Yet your writing helps me realize the only chance to begin this process requires feeling the love of life that maybe the creator / divine/ source of all grace and mercy imbued into each creature / man is not as good at this as animals!

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    • Rand B. Lee says:

      Thank you for your insight, Maryann. Your comments are invaluable. We’ve all seen ends-of-the-world in other lives, or died lone on battlefields and in prison cells or in a childbed; and any love I can let in and out and through me now can spread to all those other selves who are suffering.


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