A Message from “The Family”: A Threefold Approach to Fear Mitigation

Mister Rand has been experiencing a great deal of anxiety concerning the fate of gay half-Jewish psychics like himself under the present political system. While to an observer this may seem a dread unlikely to be fulfilled due to the specificity of its parameters, Mister Rand’s fears are generated not by reason but by memory:

  • Mister Rand’s memory of his secular Jewish father’s dread of antisemitic persecution;
  • Mister Rand’s memory of persecution at the hands of his abused and abusive older brother;
  • A memory of the sense of Otherness which caused Mister Rand to hang back from full involvement with life from an early age; and
  • The memory of other incarnations to which he is linked on a spirit and soul level.


The multidimensionality of persistent, fearful life outlook cannot be ignored without sometimes severe repercussions in the life of the fearful one. In our observations of human existence, it appears to us that the best approach to take for clearing the soul of such limitations is an approach that employs physical, psychological, and perceptual tools in more or less equal measure.

Physical, because the neuromuscular systems bear their own memories of pain inflicted upon them in the sometimes deep past, pain that can respond well to empathic bodywork, tension-relieving exercise, dietary changes, deep breathing, progressive relaxation, sexual play, and certain medications;

Psychological, because even the most rational humans, contemptuous or dismissive of such notions as Inner Child, Inner Parent, and intergenerational trauma transmission, can respond positively to mental fear-mitigation practices such as therapeutic mentorship, mindfulness training, support group involvement, and journaling; 

Perceptual, because the way one views reality can have stress-relieving, stress-inducing, or numbing effects on the sufferer, depending upon the world-view adopted.

(Mister Rand is somewhat embarrassed by our discussing his vulnerabilities so publicly. We remind him, however, that he has complete control of what we say and how it is disseminated. We further remind him that, as his neglect of this blog has allowed his followers and their “hits” to dwindle to almost nothing, it is highly unlikely that what he writes here will spread like wildfire across public media.)

Next Time:  Fear mitigation exercise #1 — Identifying the fears that rule you.

5 thoughts on “A Message from “The Family”: A Threefold Approach to Fear Mitigation

  1. Valerie Stocking says:

    Hello to an old friend, from a fellow sufferer of anxiety and stress produced by trauma! I look forward to reading your next blog post on this topic! Any suggestions for alleviation of this cursed condition are welcome. Hugs and blessings to you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Rand B. Lee says:

      I am appalled at how long it has taken me to respond to your comment. It was so good to hear your voice again, Valerie. I’ve spent most of the last year and a half struggling in semi-darkness, with all the self-absorption such struggles can be colored with. You deserved better.


      • Valerie Stocking says:

        Don’t be appalled! I just turned 65, and I have no memory of writing that comment!!! Going to San Antonio 9/24 to check it out. If all goes well, I will sell my house here and get myself a tiny house (or have one built). I pray that that cures my financial woes. If it doesn’t, I may have to move to Ecuador (which I am confident I can afford). Wish I knew what the future holds. My horse is doing pretty well. I am hoping I can place him in a sanctuary, or have him stay where he is (best scenario!) but have his expenses covered by sponsors helping a woman develop a special boot that will repel flies. who needs horses to try the boots out on. More will be revealed…Please drop me a line and let me know how you are! Hugs and blessings to you!


      • Valerie Stocking says:

        PS how much would you charge me for a reading?


      • Rand B. Lee says:

        My current charges are on a big sliding scale. I tell rich people my scale is $3 per minute of session ($180 for 1 hour, $90 for a half hour); but my sliding scale goes down to $1 per minute ($60 for 1 hour, $30 for a half hour)In other words, the client can choose what pay rate is affordable for her, from $3 per minute of session all the way down to $1 per minute.

        As for me? I’ve got more issues than National Geographic. One day at a time. Arthritis; morbid obesity; on oxygen now 24 hours a day. No car; so I am lucky to have a few friends here who can drive me to places. Finishing up a novel.

        You are sweet to ask. Let’s chat soon!


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