On Hope in the midst of despair


Divine Love has not abandoned us.

Despite Trump’s win, despite the triumph of the Shadow, we can survive this together.

Krishna_Embracing_the_Gopis_LACMA_M.77.19.23We can band together on a local level, work on a local level, to help one another, whatever happens next.

There are small miracles on the way. Look for them. Expect them. Invite Spirit to work through your voice, your hands, your heart, your goodness, your intelligence, your kindness, your many, many talents to bring hope to your corner of the world.

Miracles can happen still. They are happening even as you read this. They are happening in you and around you: miracles of love, of compassion, of kindness, of goodness.

Divine Love has not abandoned you.

You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

4 thoughts on “On Hope in the midst of despair

  1. Thanks for this post. We need your words, and we will need to hear these kinds of posts again and again. There are so many people suffering and worrying now.


  2. Abel A Soto says:

    A great many thanks for the encouragement. It is being very helpful to me. I felt really down today. I had a complete loss of all faith in society.


  3. Maryann DeStefano says:

    Even though for the average sane person the news seems shocking- my intuition felt like we need not despair yet your insights offer a perspective I did not consider

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  4. diane g says:

    Yep…we can no longer ignore our shadow and must learn to make peace with it

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