On Chance As A Face of God

stained_glass_spiralA good friend gave me an intriguing Christmas present today, a book entitled, The Improbability Principle: Why Coincidences, Miracles, and Rare Events Happen Every Day. The author is David J. Hand, emeritus professor of mathematics and a senior research investigator at Imperial College London. His book aims to explain, via statistics, how the uncertainty that lies at the core of Nature gives rise to statistically mappable, wildly improbable, seemingly miraculous events. “The universe has laws which describe the way it works,” writes Hand, “… The same applies to exceedingly unlikely events. The Improbability Principle is my name for a set of laws of chance which, together, tell us that we should expect the unexpected, and why.” Some seeming improbabilities arise, Hand says, from “fundamental aspects of the way the universe is constructed;” others, from “deep properties of what we mean by probability;” still others, from the mechanism of the human brain as it expresses itself in human psychology. Events that we deem improbable, says Hand, only seem so because of errors in our research or thinking; once those errors are corrected, the improbable is revealed as probable.

Probability interests me, because as a psychic, I’m in the business of sussing out the probable for clients. A client comes to me and asks me what her chances are of finding a loving partner through (let’s say) Match.com. I throw the cards and they say, “Success!”, or “NO way,” or “Um, it might work, but…” If you stop the reading there, you leave the client more or less a victim of fate. But if you ask, “Why is success predicted here?”, or, “Why is this absolutely the wrong approach for her?”, or, “What can she do to maximize her chances of making this work?”, then you get information the client can really learn from and use to make decisions that will load the deck in her favor.

I am severely challenged mathematically, so I cannot and probably never will be able to give you a fair assessment of his research, thinking, or worldview. From a cursory flip through the material, however, it seems clear that, as a statistician, he is convinced that everything has an explanation consonant with mathematics and impersonal physical law. In other words, from Hand’s viewpoint, the fact that you happened to get a client who paid you by PayPal the very day you had run out of money for food was not the result of a supernatural entity answering your previous evening’s pleas for cash, it was the logical outcome of a complex series of events, some of which you had a conscious part in (such as having sent out a Thanksgiving card to all your clients wishing them a good year ahead), some of which had to do with the time of year (post-Christmas letdown), some of which had to do with that client’s choices and circumstances (end of year stimulates desires for a new start), and some of which were entirely accidental. According to this view, then, your getting paid right when you needed it most was not therefore necessarily evidence that a loving Higher Power exists who responds to your pragmatic needs when asked, but only that, sooner or later, given your many years in the psychic business and your wide reputation, it was inevitable that some client would have called you at some point after Christmas, and it just happened to be on the day you needed the moolah. So this would make my attributing these events to a loving Higher Power not the result of faith rewarded or intuition triumphant, but fantasy thinking arising from my very human need to imagine an Invisible Sky Daddy who will take care of me when I am in trouble.

On the other hand, one of the Major Trumps of the Tarot deck is The Fool, which in my experience represents serendipity—chance—as one of the faces of God; that is, chance as one of the ways Divine Love expresses itself in spacetime. The laws of probability and improbability are built into the mechanism of spacetime by the great consciousness of All-That-Is, Who exists both within and outside of spacetime simultaneously (since spacetime is an expression of Itself). So everything about me—when I was born, the family into which I was born, the troubles that led me to get involved in psychic work, the clients I’ve attracted, my difficulty saving money, my making myself available to Spirit, my asking for some cash, the souls I connect with as clients, what happens next week, what happens when I die—while not predetermined, can nonetheless be seen outside of time by the Divine as a complete, fully faceted, jewel of event and experience bound together as the artwork that is me, in this life, this time around.

Or maybe not. •

(The Improbability Principle: Why Coincidences, Miracles, and Rare Events Happen Every Day. New York: Scientific American/Farrar, Straus and Giroux, copyright 2014 by David J. Hand; paperback, 269 pages, $17.50; ISBN 978-0-374-53500-1)


2 thoughts on “On Chance As A Face of God

  1. Kathleen says:

    Hi Rand, I saw a movie a while back dealing with this exact idea. Mathematics being able to tell was was going to happen in a particular minute. Interesting, but not ultimately that interesting. LOL But mathematics are pretty amazing and maybe everything. I recently read Oliver Sack’s book, Uncle Tungsten. It is heavy on the Science, elements, math, electricity, radiation, photography and the miracles of science and the history of science, in detail. A LOT of math!! Including Quantum theory and all sort of things that seem inexplicable, but actually are not when you go deeply enough into something. I suddenly have an image of myself and everything as a paint by numbers painting. LOL. That is an interesting thought relevant to the subject matter, maybe a bit ridiculous, but entertaining to me at the moment.

    Anyway sorry if that is all irrelevant and not too deeply thought out.

    I have been wanting to write to you lately to thank you again for the system you have channeled and taught to me in a certain amount of depth. I have had occasion to resurrect it again (although I never abandoned it) and it is so helpful in taking a step further out and looking at my life and the systems I have learned and how the Tarot system from you contains the others and gives me deep understanding of my purpose and how I have been succeeding at learning the lessons that are there for me in my life as the World Card. Not finished, of course, but I can see that has been my purpose and the meaning of my life and that is why I had done the things I have done and am interested in what I am interested. The system is so vast that it contains the other systems…Did I say that already? And it has come to me that I, the World of Support whose lesson it is to find the appropriate support for myself have been doing that all along and that the Tarot System and, in fact all of the other systems I am interested in are the main sources of support for me in the realms that are the most interesting to me. They are all helping me understand how to be a human being and what human beings might be and how to be one myself, which involves being fluid enough to change according to whom I am with while my underlying identity is with myself as all that is, while I am choosing to play with the identity of the moment. And to relax in all of that.

    And that it really does not matter what I do in my life, I am following my purpose and there is always meaning in that. It does not matter what I accomplish in the actual physical world, I am a success in my own world, having my identity in the world of “all that is” while I play with identities here in the physical.

    Does that make sense? I had this breakthrough after my problematic friend, John and I came to an impasse and “broke up”. At which time he took the opportunity to tell me all the ways that I was a horrible person. (as if he had not already told me that many times. LOL) Things had been going pretty well with us for a while as he was listening to and enjoying and allowing me to talk about the human design system and the way we were depicted in that system and the ways in which we were different. And it is true that I was a horrible person with him. I could not be very authentic because he had ideas of who I (and everyone else) should be (which was like he was). Whereas I felt that it was my pathway to open more and more to enjoying others as they are and letting them be perfect. I remembered that he was perhaps a “Lover Card” and wanted to check that out. And it explained things in a different way, an “Uber” Way sort of. I read about his card and it was compared with my card specifically showing that it made perfect sense that we should have difficulty with one another even though we were both playing around in those realms of all that is. I won’t go into all that.

    But my point is, it helped me to make a huge shift in bringing together all the support I have in identifying myself. The fact that I am a Spirit essence (or whatever you are calling it nowadays..Mental?) and more interested in the spiritual truth than the magnetic realm or physical. That remembrance helped me accept myself so much because I could see how true that is. (Once again, of course, that was obvious to me immediately) And that my greatest support in establishing my identity is in that “all that is”. Which does not mean that I cannot enjoy the physical or the emotional. But they are definitely not as important to me well, maybe I could say, How they reflect the spiritual truths. Or in passing as a wonderful example of manifestation and the various ways in which we manifest as human being. So amazing.

    This is all a part of getting used to living without Toby and his wonderful way of supporting and identifying me. A part of getting to the core of what is necessary to identify myself. Duh, recognize a world card in that? LOL But it feels like a biggie to me, Rand. And I am feeling great gratitude and love for you.

    Maybe that is enough. I don’t know if I have captured it adequately. But I think I will quit trying and just say thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Would you like to have the mp3’s of Jose and Lena’s Power Path Trends for 2016? They are pretty interesting I think.

    Thank you for continuing to write and to share with us. I am sorry that our lives have not connected much, but I feel always connected to you in love and appreciation.




    • Rand B. Lee says:

      Thank you so much for your comments, Kathleen. It sounds to me as though you are right on target, and I honor your your commitment to your growth in love.

      As one of the seven Knower essences (my new name for what I used to call the Spiritual Aspect Essences), the World Essence mirrors that aspect of Divine Love that surrounds and fills, but is not limited to, physical reality; that aspect of Divine Love (the “Big Self”) that participates in, but does not identify exclusively with, any one incarnation, balancing Its choice of which important experiences a given life should contain with the needs of all the selves along the string of worlds. So your going-with-the-flow strategy feels exactly right. You are your purpose, not what you do.


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