A Message From “The Family”: On the Purpose of Life

MAJORTRUMPS.XVII.TheWorldPhysical reality has no purpose save that of being itself. Processes of birth and death, burgeoning and decay, health and sickness, flow and ebb, all are descriptions of the energy transfers and formations that makes physical reality distinctive. They possess no intrinsic moral qualities; they are tools for experience. And it is the various levels of consciousness that determine whether those experiences are expansive, leading to greater and greater sense of creativity, love, and peacefulness, or whether those experiences are restrictive, leading to greater and greater sense of entrapment, hatred, horror, and violation.

Mister Rand finds it inconceivable that any spiritual consciousness entity would select horror and violation as experiences it wished to have in physical reality. Yet we assure you that some beings choose just that in their Greater Selves, for many nonphysical entities possess a passion for differentiation so acute that it leads them to the consciousness levels of force, threat, and blame, which taken together offer the greatest opportunity for enjoying the illusion that one is distinct, unique, alone, inviolate, empty of purpose and meaning.

Mister Rand asks, “Is there no moral core to All-That-Is, that such choices are permitted without consequences?” We reply with love that it is because All-That-Is possesses a moral core of unconditional loving support that such choices are permitted. For when All-That-Is, or the Greatest Self, or the One, or God, or Goddess, or whatever you choose to term It gave birth to Itself in Its search for expanding Its experience of Its infinite potential, It elected to permit Its “littler” selves (to use a term that has no literal meaning in the nonphysical realities) freedom to explore experience according to their individual choices. The serendipitous experiences arising from such freedoms are the meat and drink of the incarnating soul.

“How is it,” asks Mister Rand, “that God can be simultaneously the Unmoved Mover, the absolute field of loving consciousness I experienced a year and a half ago in my vision as complete in itself, [while at the same time being] the questing Entity which seeks to expand Its experience of Itself through the choices and actions of its self-aware, mobile selves [i.e., you and we, who carry within us a hologram of All-That-Is, which is what the Bible refers to when it says that God made Man and Woman in “His” image]?” And to this we have no reply.

MAJORTRUMPS.VII.PanWhat, then, is the purpose of life? As we see it from our observations and experiences, the purpose of life is to experience and experiment with potential, whether one speaks of a human being’s individual potential for career or creative outlet or self-definition or experience, or whether one speaks of an ecosystem or species’ potential for change. In short, God likes being surprised. That is how evolution—a [truly] chance development of forms into greater and greater degrees of complexity—can exist alongside the existence of divine consciousness. Chance is one of the faces of the Goddess, as represented in Mister Rand’s Tarot system by the Major Trump he calls “Pan.”

Pan is frightening, because to hear Pan’s call is to waken to one’s chaotic, chance-driven, boiling potential for self-expression and change. Pan is seductive, because within each entity is a passion for collision, melding, separation, burgeoning, love, hate, joy, and despair. Pan is physical reality with all its apparent rigidity of structure, which when viewed on the subatomic level is the reverse of rigid: fluid, empty, racing, dispersive, connotative rather than descriptive—physical reality as an event, a constantly changing work of art, a poem, a paean, a trick that All-That-Is is playing upon Itself.

And you, Mister Rand, the animals, the plants, the electrons, the magnetosphere, light and Void, all of us are the originators and perpetrators of the drama of spacetime. By “drama” we do not mean to trivialize physical experience; quite the reverse. A drama is a story, and we are all hungry for stories. And we thank you for sharing. •

— Channeled by Rand Lee on Tuesday, June 16th, 11:59pm MT.

One thought on “A Message From “The Family”: On the Purpose of Life

  1. Kathleen says:

    Thanks, Rand. I like this.


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