A Message From “The Family”: On Pets

Rand.UrdwillMister Rand is today facing the possibility that his pet feline, Urdwill, may have more cancerous tumors growing upon his body. They may be malignant or they may be nonmalignant, but in any event Mister Rand’s cat is not eating, although he is drinking water. Mister Rand is remembering all the pets, and all the humans, he has lost to death over the decades, and has been showing great signs of anxiety, guilt, and shame, because part of himself feels (1) that males should not feel such feelings, (2) that he ought to have “saved” his transformed loved ones from death; and (3) that his future spiritual belongingness–whether “God” accepts him after death or not–depends upon his being perfect in all his thoughts, words, and deeds. He even believes that we may be fictions, or worse still, Satanic messengers sent to draw him and those who read his blogs away from the One True God. Mister Rand does not believe any of these things consciously. But all selves exist within the Self, including younger versions of the self, and all their voices sometimes sound within Mister Rand’s heart at once, contradicting the quieter voices of his reason and spiritual insight.

Mister Rand has vowed, when ever it is Urdwill the cat’s true time of leave taking the body, never to have another pet, because he says he “cannot bear” the thought of watching another pet die, or worse still, causing their death by having them euthenased by injection at a vet’s office. Mister Rand says that his grief is too great to bear, since (as he is aware) his grief over losing a pet is also grief over his losses of all the animals and humans in his life (and other lives as well, though he may not know this consciously). There are times when he even feels guilty over having a pet at all, both because of the impact pet-rearing can have on the environment and because he wonders whether it is good for an animal to be shoehorned into a human’s life rather than be permitted to live out its lifespan in a natural environment. Yet even in these things he knows the truth: that there are no natural environments, for your world has been made and remade by Humans repeatedly over the millennia; that in the “wild,” animals live a much shorter time than in “captivity;” and that humans can bring enormous comfort and fun into a domesticated animal’s life.

Mr. Urdwill has lived a reasonably long life for a cat of his size and genetic makeup: 14 years by Mister Rand’s present count. For all but 8 months of those years, Mister Urdwill has roamed free within his territory, Mister Rand’s backyard. He has enjoyed much fresh air, sleeping under datura leaves, chasing toads, terrorizing Mister Rand’s dogs (<-this is a joke>).

[Broken off because of need to take Urdwill to vet; resumed early next morning]

The purpose of the communion between “pets” and humans varies from pet to pet and human to human. Why did Mr. Urdwill choose Mr. Rand as his human companion that day at the pound in 2002, when Mister Rand, following an image of a black cat that had persisted in coming to him, visited the pound and experienced the black Abyssinian mix cat open the door of its cage, walk out, and sit upon Mister Rand’s foot? Mr. Urdwill wished freedom from enclosure. And freedom from enclosure is what Mister Rand gave him, for most of the years of their time together. Both cat and human also wished love, for all beings wish love, even rodents, which humans frequently despise because they closely resemble humans in some of their habits; and lizards, which being “cold blooded” are thought to have no need for love, only sex and food. It is just that Love takes different forms amongst different beings.

What Mister Rand really wants to know is, did he love Urdwill and his family and friends who have passed, truly love them “enough” for God to forgive him for not having been perfect? For having resented and quarreled with his beloved younger brother who died of AIDS in 1990? For having hated his abusive-seductive mother, who nonetheless had loved him in her way and he had loved her in his? For having heeded his lover Alex’s psychic command not to enter Alex’s room the evening of Alex’s suicide, when Mister Rand had returned from a gig the both of them had been scheduled to lead? We say, Yes, you have loved truly. Yes, you have expressed this love at times imperfectly. That is because one purpose for incarnation, the great task of incarnating in physical reality, is to learn to integrate the Divine Love at one’s core with one’s physical self and circumstances. And all students perform imperfectly—they are learning.

Mister Urdwill’s life is drawing to a close due to cancer and complications therefrom. Grief is difficult for many humans to express and bear, for it makes them feel weak and vulnerable and foolish in the eyes of other adults. We ask for all who experience grief over the loss of a companion animal or human relative or friend that you pray for Divine Love to help you forgive yourselves for being students of Love rather than masters thereof. And we thank you for sharing. •

— Channeled April 14-15, 2015, Santa Fe, New Mexico

2 thoughts on “A Message From “The Family”: On Pets

  1. Rand B. Lee says:

    My dear friend Urdwill died yesterday morning. He was ready to go, staring at something I could not see, relaxing into slumber, then his heart and brain stopped. I’ve been on a rollercoaster of feelings ever since, but thanks to the love shown me by friends far and near, today I feel very very sad but no longer crazy with grief over losing him. My body misses his warm fur and the way he would rub his face against my fingers to get me to give him strokes and skritchies.

    But this morning I felt a very strong presence in my room of a large, healthy, wild black panther, filled with vitality, senses alert, prowling a jungle in feral joy. I realized to my shocked surprise that this is Urdwill now in his version of “heaven,” and that he does not need me any more. This, in fact, was his true nature all along. I wonder what it was that domestication in a cat’s body was meant to teach him? That not all humans are violent? How to interact productively with humans? That life in confinement—a yard, a home, a small body—can be satisfying? I had never thought of animals incarnating to learn something until now.

    Kathleen, thank you for your loving comments. I believe that the channeler is not erasing himself when he channels, but expressing a part of his Greater Self that he might not be in touch with under normal waking consciousness. Authoritarian or hierarchical channelers I have no use for or belief in.


  2. Kathleen Clark says:

    Thank you for sharing your feelings and thought about Urdwill and his passing. I know it is “channeled”, but I believe it is you sharing all of this with us. It is very special. And I am thinking of you today as I know this was the day that you would help your sweet friend make his passage. I hope you are in peace as he must surely be also. You were very lucky to have such a treasured friend and to be a friend to him too. Your story about meeting him in the animal shelter after having followed your visions and found him. A very special meeting and story. You giving him his freedom as he gave you a loving friend. I am sure you must have learned a great deal about love and life from being with him.

    It is hard to lose a friend. There will never be another just like him and you have been changed by your relationship with him and will miss him. Let yourself have all of your grief in honor of the love you feel for him. Feeling the depth of the grief is feeling the depth of your love. There is a sweetness in it. I hope you feel that too as you miss him.




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