The Wheel of Creation: Belief

ImageBelief—in the sense of trust or positive expectation—is, like passion, essential to any creative act. The word “belief” is ultimately derived from an ancient Indo-European root word meaning “to care, desire, love”, and the word “trust” from a root meaning “to be firm, solid, steadfast as a tree.”

If I wish to make a dream come true, I must trust that

(1) my dream is possible;

(2) my dream is possible for me; and

(3) that realizing my dream will not harm myself or another; and

(4) that I deserve my dream to come true as much as anybody does.

My belief must be strong enough to withstand apparent setbacks, as an oak tree weathers storms and blight. Learning such trust is not an overnight affair. It takes research: has anyone ever accomplished successfully something similar to what I dream of accomplishing? It takes self-inquiry: have I developed the skills necessary to do successfully what I dream of doing? If not, which skills do I lack? And it takes self-esteem: a reframing of past failures as part of a learning process that everyone undergoes at one time or another.

For spiritually inclined people, learning such trust also may require developing a concept of a completely accepting and supportive Greater Self (or Higher Power or Goddess or Invisible Sky Friend) that is as interested in my success as I am. 

I can have all the passion and belief in the world, however, but they will do me not a shred of good unless I also have a plan.

Next: Strategy.

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